YouTube Vanced Apk Download for Android {NO ROOT} April 2020

We all know YouTube is the most familiar social network in the world. This platform has millions of videos uploading every day by lots of users. We must go for YouTube to watch funny videos, news, songs, comedy and so on YouTube Vanced Apk.

But unfortunately, advertisements are a significant drawback while watching movies on YouTube. Today, the most used website for videos is YouTube.

But ads are the primary problem and bothering us. Do you think we can play videos without advertisements? Is it possible? Of course, there is an application named YouTube Vanced Apk available to overcome this problem. If you are a non-rooted user, sign in with your Gmail account then you able to use Youtube Vanced Apk without any problem and convenience.

Let us know about YouTube Vanced Apk in detail with its features and installation guidelines.

What is YouTube Vanced Apk?

Vanced Apk for Android

As we discussed earlier, YouTube Vanced is the most modified version of official Youtube. The purpose of this apk is to get ad-free experience in watching the videos.

So, we will guide you on how to install it in your Android device correctly. Our guide will helpful for you to know its features. With its unique features, you can watch ad-free movies without interruption or disturbance.

You can even play music or watch any videos for free. Also, the music will not stop in the background when ad going. As a result, it reduces users time when watching videos on YouTube.

Download Youtube Vanced Apk for Android

Download Youtube Vanced Apk

Download Youtube Vanced Apk for Android

Name Youtube Vanced Apk
Last Updated1 April 2020

How to install YouTube Vanced Apk on Android?

Youtube Vanced Apk

Finally, I am sharing the installation step for your reference. In this post, you can read the installation steps that are easy to follow.

  • At first, you have to uninstall all the updates of YouTube official app
  • Then, disable auto-update in Play Store
  • You can download YouTube Vanced Apk from the given link on this site.
  • When the app is installed, check the settings enable unknown sources of security option in mobile
  • Now, login into the account and download another app
  • Download MicroG apk available at the direct link
  • After downloading, install the application on your Android device
  • Now, log in again to account and select any theme color
  • You can listen to audio or videos without ads
  • Finally, installation is successful on your device now you can enjoy this apk.

Features of YouTube Vanced Apk

Feature of Vanced APK

Before moving to the installation steps, you must know its features. It let you know what to do with the YouTube Vanced Apk for free. I am sharing a perfect guide to install and understand the features.

  • Ads are blocked

This is the primary thing we can see in the YouTube Vanced. We can play videos or audios without ads. It is a significant feature available in this app. It reduces time as well as increases the time to watch the video eagerly.

  • Listen to music in the background

If you minimize the YouTube application, you can listen to the music on the background. It is a good option that we can see in this Apk. The music from YouTube is playing in the same way as you opened it.

Apart from this, many themes are available and apply it on your device. If you are using another application, you can watch videos in PIP mode. It will help you to do other others at the same time, this is the best feature of his application.

  • Default playing video and various themes

The YouTube Vanced has default playing video to set easily on your device. By selecting this option, it needs to check again and again on videos. However, it has various themes that can be chosen from Vanced settings.

You can set any colors depends on your mood. It has video repeat mode and selects according to the options. It allows video resolution that remains the same all the videos in a single click.

  • Swipe controls for volume and brightness

The YouTube Vanced Apk has swipe controls and volume brightness. User has to rely on this apk because of its unique functionalities. So, you can control easily utilizing having control options.

How to install YouTube Vanced Apk on a Non-rooted Android device?

If your device is not rooted, then you cannot log in to the account directly. You should follow the steps for a non-rooted device and install YouTube Vanced Apk for free.

  • At first, install SAI on your android device
  • Open the SAI app and tap on Install APKs blue button
  • Allow storage permissions to access files on device storages
  • Then, navigate on YouTube Vanced file and select it
  • After that, the installation will begin automatically


From the above discussion, the user can get a clear idea about the YouTube Vanced Apk. I hope this post will guide you to install this apk along with its features. I believed that this article would be helpful for users who want to know about YouTube Vanced for free.

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