WhatsApp Plus Apk Download | WhatsApp Plus v8.50 April 2020

Hey Mates, Are you looking for WhatsApp Plus Apk Download For Free, then you are at Right Place. Today In this post I will Share Latest WhatsApp Plus for free with you.

When Cellphones came in the hands of individuals, then communication through messages failed to bring a revolution. In actuality, it changed the whole way of doing things.

Almost one billion people have been using it today. But this article will tell you about the latest Whatsapp Plus Apk a beta program that has more features and functionalities.

After that, A critical requirement makes this app. This demand made people create new solutions. That’s why WhatsApp came into the marketplace and climbed into the heights of fame.

So, Everybody can communicate with end-to-end encryption. I want you to read the article for detail So read on to learn more and Download Whatsapp Plus Apk.

What is WhatsApp Plus Apk?

WhatsApp Plus Apk

The very best WhatsApp Plus clone today you can download from this site. Aesthetically it is pretty similar to YoWhatsApp Apk and can be totally based on it.

WhatsApp Plus Apk clones are extremely popular and offer specifically differentiating features from the normal mods. If you’re a geek and looking for extensive features that you don’t normally get in the official version, it is possible to download WhatsApp Plus Apk.

Well, no doubt YoWhatsApp is the foundation for many WAMODS but there is no denying that Mini variant offers similar features and occupies much less space.

The majority of the WAMODs feature annoying advertisements, but WhatsApp Plus Apk does not have annoying advertisements. So, don’t worry about any ads which irritate you. That’s the amazing Features Of WhatsApp Plus Apk So, use this app without Any irritation.

Thus, there’s no denying and irritation when you are texting. An aspect I love the most about WhatsApp Plus Apk is users could use 4 accounts currently various numbers.

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download Latest Version April 2020

Press on Download Button for Downloading latest WhatsApp Plus Apk for Free. After Downloading Latest WhatsApp Plus Follow the given steps for Install easily on Your Android Device for free.

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download

Download WhatsApp Plus Apk

App NameWhatsapp Plus
App Size51.9 MB
Supported DevicesAndroid 4.0 +
RootNot Required
Last Updated1 April 2020

now that you’re familiar with WhatsApp Plus and most of the fantastic features it includes, why not select a WhatsApp Plus Download and start enjoying a really amazing experience on your own Android device.

Here we’ve summarized the step by step process to direct you on downloading and installing the alternative version of this favorite WhatsApp Messenger.

How To Install WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Version On Android

Step1: Download the WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Version by clicking on Download Button.

Step 2: Create Backup First: Before doing anything else, create a backup of all your conversations ensuring you may not drop anything because you move with the setup.

Step3: Uninstall Old WhatsApp: Then, uninstall the WhatsApp Messenger in the device by going to Settings => Applications => WhatsApp then tap on Uninstall Option for Uninstall.

Step 4: Allow Unknown Sources: Now go to your device’s security settings and allow unknown sources.

Step 5: Installation: Install the WhatsApp Plus Program you had downloaded previously. It’ll be available from the download.

Step 6: Open Downloaded App: Once you’re done with the setup, Start WhatsApp Plus  Tap on “Agree & Continue”. When a message pop up on your display that reads “Enable Access” then tap on “Allow For All Messages”.

Step 7: Verify Yourself: Enter the mobile number you want to utilize WhatsApp together and confirm this number. it might take a few minutes, So wait until you get the confirmation code and then use it to verifying your cellular number.

Step8: Restore Backup: Now, Tap on Restore the most recent backup and wait until the restore has been completed.

Step9: Enjoy: Now you can set your profile and begin having a terrific experience.

What Are The Features Of Latest WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus Apk Features

The best thing about WhatsApp Plus Mod developed by Alex is it doest not al at all. It forms the foundation upon which you’ll be able to enjoy all the features.

Anti Ban

Anti Ban On Whatsapp Plus

Are you scared considering that your account might get banned for one or the other reason? Well, with WhatsApp Plus, There is no such problem as your account gets ban proof.

As mentioned previously,  it is possible to use up to 4 WhatsApp reports in WhatsApp Plus. You will be surprised how that might work wonders in professional and personal life.

In general, 2 Balances are all you want but if you do want to operate 4 different accounts, you have the attribute in this mod.

While that’s true. You do need to get WhatsApp Plus Apk together with NoWhatsApps to be able to login to 3 unique accounts.

Now while it’s possible to use up to 2-3 accounts, having 4 accounts and utilizing them concurrently is a crazy characteristic.

Pairing and themes

WhatsApp Plus Themes

Mods are popular because of their ability to give comprehensive customization choices that aren’t a part of the typical official app.

Deep customization choices and the opportunities to create your own theme look and feel for your app only give it a much deeper significance.

Not only does this customization option enables you to seem different but the handy features can be utilized extensively to improve the user experience. You will get amazing themes and Customization in WhatsApp Plus Apk which makes this app much cool.

Here’s a listing of Things You can customize in WhatsApp Plus

These choices are like the lifeblood of almost any program’s interface and should you receive the freedom to perform with them, you can imagine the freedom you get on this app. To get theming and customization choices to visit Additional choices > Themes/Customization.

We can all agree on that one. The Default Player on WhatsApp stinks. You understand it even if we don’t agree. Well, suppose I told you that you can change the default Video Player and set MX player as the default one? That might change everything. Would not it?

The total quality of the program along added attributes within the player helps offer terrific audio and audio quality which just makes it even my go-to-video playing app.

If you have some bucks to spend, I would highly recommend the MX Player Pro for an excellent Ad-Free encounter. To set third-party video player as the default video playing program go to Additional options > Other Mods > Video Player


Frequent updates make a program great. Everyone wants to see something fresh such as improved functionally, the eye-catching and effortless interface that makes using the program addictive and easy. That’s the best part about the WAMODs. All of them offer updates on a regular basis. Consequently, monthly, you also can anticipate a list of new features to arrived with the upgrades which include bug fixation, better functionality, and improved customizing options also given in this apk.

Additional Features

Inbuilt Lock On Whatsapp Plus APk

In-built lock: With WhatsApp Plus Mod you are able to lock your WhatsApp using a passcode to safeguard your information. You don’t have to install any third-party app with this.

Always Online: With WhatsApp Plus Mod, it’s possible to always be online even when your screen’s not active. You will require an internet connection for this feature though.

Backup Data: Backup choice is available, so in the event, you want to backup your conversations, then you are able to easily do it with no hassle. When you are upgrading the WhatsApp Plus APK, make certain your backup your data before the process starts.

Anti-Delete: The other notable feature that allows you to see the text even after it gets deleted is the anti-delete-choice.

Benefits of utilizing WhatsApp+

Benefits Of WhatsApp Plus

It is possible to take the full advantage of this app WA+ using a lot of characteristics that you don’t ever get in the normal variant of WhatsApp. You may have been using WhatsApp Plus for months but I am sure you are not acquainted with all those cool features which I am going to exhibit below.

Hide online status: This is a very common and useful feature of most MOD WA, the wonderful characteristic of this program enables you to conceal your online status from others. It means no one is really capable of watching you on the internet when you turn this attribute. It will help you when you don’t let people know that you are online.

Hide gloomy ticks: Back in WhatsApp Plus, users receive one tick when the message is sent and double ticks mean messages were sent and twice blue ticks that sands the message was viewed. It is possible to conceal blue ticks and do not let others know that their message has been seen by you.

Writing status: If you write a message to someone the characteristic of WhatsApp allows him to know that you are studying and composing something to him. If you do not want to let others understand your composing status you can simply enable it from the privacy options of WhatsApp Plus.

Recording standing: Recording studio, in addition to writing status, may be hidden to others, you can conceal your recording sound status to others.

Stickers Packs: Download cool and trending decal packs from using this website. We keep them updated based upon sticker trends. Should you wish to create your own sticker packs for WhatsApp Plus you are advised to do so, simply download the decal maker from this site.

Cleaner: This is a fantastic tool for those who have to delete unnecessary chats, clear chats, and other stuff to use this cleaner tool.

Wallpapers: Each smartphone enjoys to put wallpaper on the screen, right? Who, those love to set wallpaper on chat display they need to take a look at some amazing wallpapers from our website.

Auto-reply: Auto-reply feature is often found on the WhatsApp business program, ordinaryWA does not have the attribute. However, the WhatsApp Plus latest version APK gets the Auto-reply attribute. Use it to put auto-reply from you to a person who buys you.

Topics: That is an uncommon feature of MOD WhatsApp, not all Mod versions of WA gives you this. The characteristic is the motif choice, which means you can personalize your WhatsApp Plus interface in your own way. There are lots of themes accessible by other consumers, you can one of them by creating your own motif and uploading it to WhatsApp Plus.

Customization: WhatsApp Plus not only provides some cool features but also manages its customer’s interests. You may use WhatsApp Plus and personalize it in your way, you can edit the header, chat screen, the main screen and interface. You can also customize its telling message and widgets

Sharing: WhatsApp Plus lets you share items in a way in which the ordinary version of WA doesn’t. It permits you to talk about videos longer than 30 seconds and supports around 7 minutes od movies, 50 MB of movie size, 100 MB of audio dimensions, first quality if images.

NO, you do not require any third-party to protect it. The newest edition of WhatsApp++ comes with an i9nbuilt lock attribute. Establish passwords and maintain protected your WA.

Logs and history: This WhatsApp Mod has an assortment of fonts that include amazing styles, shapes, sizes. I am sure you would like to try them.

As we all know WhatsApp Plus has lots of amazing features and who had ever used it they would fall in love with this. However, these days are gone when people used to work with no doubt. Now you may think that which the doubt is. However, now the principal disadvantage of using WhatsApp Plus is that a ban. You may lose your account if you use WhatsApp Plus, therefore why people use that, right? Allow me to also inform you, you are not supposed to use your primary quantity with WhatsApp Plus, or instead of a temporary number, a number doesn’t disturb you in its ban. To find out more kindly browse the safe use of WA+

(FAQs) – People Also Ask

Q: What is the distinction between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?

Ans: WhatsApp+ will be altered app of regular WhatsApp, this app comes with more features than the official version.

Q: Do we use both programs WhatsApp Plus along with WhatsApp program together?

Ans: No, however, you may use other WhatsApp mod like No WhatsApp together with WhatsApp plus.

Q: Could we utilize the WhatsApp Plus program for IOS?

Ans: No, WhatsApp Plus just includes Android users.

Q: Can we transfer all of the chat information to WhatsApp Plus?

Ans: Yes, you can easily transfer conversations out of the official version.

Q: Can I suspend the past seen on the application?

Ans: No, you can not freeze last observed on WhatsApp+.


In this post, we have talked about WhatsApp Plus Apk and it’s the latest version. And also I provide you with download WhatsAppPlus APK for free. I hope you understand all the features and you will like WhatsApp Plus for Android. If you like it don’t forget to share it on social media and with your friends. WhatsApp Plus is a very famous great alternative and customized version of WhatsApp.

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