Things To Know About Android Security Patch

The creators behind Android reliably push new fixes that make Android devices dynamically secure. From time to time, as if you have killed your customized updates, you may not be running the latest security fix.

Here’s the way by which to check what type of Android you’re running, and how to refresh in the event that you’re not on the latest version.

What Are Android Security Patches?

Android security patches are unprecedented patches planned to improve your Android’s security features. No working structure is incredible, and software engineers are constantly finding new vulnerabilities in Android. In this way, it’s earnest to keep awake with the most recent.

You can similarly check the latest security fix by examining Android’s security declarations. These discharges moreover detail the fixes in each new security fix on the off chance that you’re intrigued about which security imperfections the Android security bunch is tackling.

Security patches update normally as usual. In any case, dependent upon your phone’s producer or how you have structured your update tendencies, you may not be running the latest security fix – paying little mind to whether your system is commonly groundbreaking.

Android fashioners name fix levels by their dispatch date. For example, the security fix pushed on Nov. 5, 2019, has the name “2019-11-05.” Almost reliably, the Android security bunch pushes, in any event, two security fixes around the beginning of consistently. In case your security fix has a date that is a few months old or increasingly settled, that is a better than average sign it’s obsolete.

A couple of phones are in like manner develop enough that they never again have producer support and won’t get new security patches. In case you have a Pixel phone or Nexus contraption, you can check Google’s Help Center to check whether notwithstanding they reinforce your device. For various devices, you’ll need to contact your phone’s creator.

Reviving to the Latest Security Patch

You can check which variation of Android you’re running using your phone’s Settings menu.

Android Security Patch Settings Security

To find a workable pace menu, follow these methods:

1. In any case, swipe down and tap the gear image in the upper right of the screen. You can in like manner find a good pace menu from your full application list.

2. Tap Security.

3. To check if another security fix is open, tap “Security Update.” You’ll need to guarantee you have web accessibility for this movement.

4. In case another update is available, your phone will let you know. The system will then control you through the update method.

You can in like manner check for all possible structure revives by returning to the essential Settings menu, by then tap System, Advanced, and eventually System Update. Similarly, with the security update, your structure will control you through the methodology.

Android Security Patch Security Illustration

In case your phone can’t interface with the Internet, or you have to keep your phone disconnected until you have the most forward-thinking fix, you’ll need to download the update using another contraption, by then move it to your phone.

The positive advances will vary depending upon your phone’s model and creator. A great part of the time, you’ll have the alternative to invigorate your phone with a method like this:

1. Using a work region or PC, find, download and present the work zone programming gave by your phone’s producer.

2. Open the work zone programming and download the latest update for your contraption.

3. Partner your phone to your work zone or workstation.

4. Find and snap the image called “Update” or something similar. You may see a brief to find and pick the update record you downloaded in organize two.

5. Follow any on-screen prompts to complete the update system.

Keeping Your Android’s Security Patch Updated

Software engineers are persistently searching for new vulnerabilities in phone programming that they can use to accept accountability for contraptions and take customer data.

In like manner, the Android security bunch routinely makes and dispatches security fixes that close by security vulnerabilities as they discover them, guarding customer data. In any case, it’s possible to have your updates executed, which can leave your phone unpatched and feeble against attack.

Fortunately, reviving an Android phone isn’t trying. Investigate to your phone’s Security sub-menu, by then check if another security fix is open. In case one is available, your phone will start reviving normally.


I hope you got what I was trying to convey to you through this article. Android security is very important if you are frequent users on a daily basis. Also, Keep in mind these steps that I mentioned above in the article. If you have any questions in your mind just put words in the comment box and get your solution.

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