*Latest* Putlocker Best Alternatives Sites for Free April 2020

Putlocker is one of the best platforms that can help you in enjoying your favorite and latest movies without having any problem.

Yes at this platform you can easily watch and download your favorite latest Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi, Indian documentaries, award shows, television series, television shows, and several others without having any complexities.

The best part about this platform is the quality of the videos. Movie HD Apk is also a good streaming platform. You can stream on your Android phone anytime anywhere. It is also a great alternative to Putlockers.

When it comes to entertainment, nothing can beat movies. However, earlier people use to enjoy their favorite movies only on the television or by visiting theatres.

But now with the help of the online streaming platform like Putlocker, it has become so easier to watch and enjoy the favorite movie just by sitting on the couch.

Stream Online Movies On Putlocker

Putlocker Movies

Without any doubt, it can be stated that Putlocker is one of the best platforms that can help all the users in streaming their online movies.

There are multiple portals available through which users can easily stream their favorite movie but among them, Putlocker is the perfect option available.

Putlocker helps a user in enjoying their favorite movie e without feeling disappointed even regarding the registration or the quality of the video as well.

Apart from this, the interface of this platform is also so amazing that the user can easily download the movie along with enjoying it. In order to enjoy the movie on this platform, it is important to that the person having good internet connection also required.

Additionally, there are no hard and fast rules available that need to be applied for enjoying this platform. Also, if one is not having any sort of technical knowledge or never have used any online streaming site then also he or she can easily get access to this website.

This is the best fact about Putlocker. One can easily search for their favorite content without having any problems or complexities.

More and more users are increasing at Putlockers

According to the recent statistics available, there are more than 2 million users using Putlocker on a regular basis to enjoy their favorite movies online.

Additionally, there is no other platform available for them to have such huge traffic. However, for a few years, this platform is facing some technical issues.

But still, the efficiency of this platform has been maintained effectively. The major fact due to which users love this platform is its up-gradation.

Yes, that data gets updated at this platform regularly and users enjoy it immensely. Although the new data gets updated on the website still the old data remains the same.

 What exactly the Putlocker is?

Putlocker proxy

Putlocker is one of those platforms that are considered by most of the users to enjoy their favorite online movies. Additionally, at this platform music and also easily enjoy their favorite television shows and series as well.

The interface of this amazing portal is user-friendly and the user can easily get access to the content without having any problems. This is the perfect platform available for all those who love enjoying dubbed movies along with the subtitles.

Yes with the help of the subtitles it becomes easier for the users to enjoy and understand the language used in the particular scene. In order to enjoy the favorite movies and online series, the users do not need to pay any sort of amount.

Additionally, there are no hidden charges or registration fees applicable to the users using this platform for their fun. Apart from this, there are several other amusing options related to this platform.

What are the major features of Putlockers?

Features of Putlocker

There are several amazing features of Putlocker that make it more exciting and fantastic for the uses. Some of the fabulous features include

The searching option is available

At this platform, the users get the best and advanced searching options. Yes, one can easily get his favorite movie or television show just by using the searching bar.

Users can easily search their favorite stuff according to their requirements in the category as well. All that a user needs to do is entering the name of the movie and it will get displayed on the screen and the user can easily get access to it.

User-friendly Interface

Putlocker Interface

The interface of this website is so user-friendly. In case the user has not used the online streaming website earlier than also he or she can easily get access to it efficiently.

The categorization of the videos and movies has been done in such a manner that it becomes so is here for the users to get the desired results.

Additionally, that’s something by is also given so that the user can easily excite a specific movie on a television show without having any complexity.

Additionally, the stuff has been categorized according to the categories so that it becomes easier for the users to get their favorite dates according to their choice.

No amount to be paid

Usually, use the online streaming sites then they need to pay the premium amount. However, at putlocker, there is no need to pay any sort of premium amount for the registration amount to enjoy the favorite movies.

Yes, this site is absolutely free to get access and use. All you need to do is to have the perfect storage space in your device and an unstable and active internet connection as well.

The best part about the platform is that it is compatible with laptop, smartphone, PC, tablet, and others. In case the application is not getting supported then the user can easily be updated.

Modern interface

Usually, most of the websites come with the same boring interface but the interface of this website is quite modern. It is not only more than but attractive as well.

It also includes all the latest characters so you will not feel bored while using it. If you are not getting any then you can easily make a request regarding the same. Within a few times, your request will be considered and the content will be available for you.

Huge database

This is the best feature of the Putlocker website. It is among those platforms that are consisting of a large database having different movies, television shows, anime series, and web series as well.

If you are thinking about watching an old movie then also you can consider this platform and it will provide you the results efficiently. Additionally, you do not need to use any sort of multiple platforms for your favorite stuff.

Putlocker Mirror and Proxy sites

Putlocker proxy and mirror sites are the replications original Putlocker website. The volunteers and this is put lockers have maintained the mirror and the proxy sites.

The data given at the proxy sites are always extracted from the main website. In recent years it has been found that the website is not working properly because of many anti piracy unit are appointed by the government to stop piracy of movies and many more.

In order to resolve the problem, the proxy and mirror sites have been designed so that the users can easily get access to the same and enjoy their favorite content. Some of the most popular proxy sites available for Putlocker are:

1. Putlockers.net Online Very Fast
2. Putlockerr.is Online Very Fast
3. Putlockers.fm Online Very Fast
4. Putlockerz.io Online Very Fast
5. 123putlocker.com Online Very Fast
6. Putlockerhd.is Online Very Fast
7. Putlocker.io Online Very Fast
8. Putlockers.sc Online Very Fast

If Putlockers safe to use?

Well, it’s quite difficult to state that it is safe or not. However, it is considered as a favorite date platform for streaming online content. However, to be on the safer side you can use the VPN networks. The VPN networks will help you in getting protected from the virus and malware.

How to download movies from Putlocker?

Download movies from putlocker

While watching your favorite online movie you can also easily download it from the platform. The downloading process is also easy and free. If you are also willing to download your favorite movie then all you need to do is:

  • Visit the website and use the searching bar to get your favorite movie (You can also search the movie name according to the year or genre as well)
  • Hit on the movie name and then the online streaming will get started
  • On the same page, the downloading tab will be given
  • Hit on the downloading tab and choose the video quality that is HD, 320p or 720p.
  • Within seconds, the downloading process will get started

You must ensure that you are having enough storage space in your device and good internet so the movie can be downloaded without having any issue.

Putlocker Alternatives April 2020

Putlocker Alternatives

Recently, it has been found that there are people who usually face difficulty while getting access to the Putlocker website. In such a situation all they want is to get the best platform that can help in watching their favorite movies online for free.

Look movie

This is an amazing and easy to use alternatively available of Putlocker that you can use to enjoy your favorite movies and television shows without paying any sort of amount.

Yes, it is the best Putlocker alternative available online. The interface of this website is very easy and you can easily get access to it quickly. Apart from this, the database of this website is also large so that you can easily search for your favorite movie and enjoy it without any cost.

Yo movies

If you are one of those who love watching all your favorite movies online this is the best alternative of Putlocker available for you. The user interface is so easy that you will not face any sort of technical glitch as well.

On this website, there are several Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Punjabi and adult movies available. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the Indian and South Indian dubbed movies on this platform.


The name of this platform is quite identical to Netflix. However, the experience of this platform is much better than it. Additionally, it is better than Putlocker as well.

Just like other platforms you do not need to pay any amount for enjoying your favorite movies at this platform. The online videos available at this platform are in high definition quality so that you will not face any sort of dissatisfaction while spending your time on this platform.

You can easily use a search bar and get your favorite movie within seconds.

Yes movies

The best site available that can help you in watching your favorite online movie for free is yes movies. At this platform, you can easily enjoy your favorite content without completing any sort of registration process for the subscription process as well.

Additionally, there are no hidden charges that you need to pay. Apart from this while enjoying your favorite movie you do not need to get disturbed due to any sort of pop-up ads.

Just like others, here also you can easily get your favorite movie just by using the search in the bar. Along with the movie is here you can also enjoy the online trailer of the movie.


If you are thinking about using a platform that can easily help you and enjoying your latest and old movies in the best quality then you can easily consider this one.

It is also one of the best Putlocker alternatives available in our list. At this platform, you do not need to complete the registration process for any sort of amount. Additionally, the videos are also available in high quality.


Hence, these are all the essential details about the best online streaming platform Putlocker. If you are also one of those who love watching their favorite movies online just while sitting on the couch then, you can easily consider it without having any confusion.

While enjoying your favorite movie, it is important for you that your internet connection.in case your internet connection does not work properly then you will not be able to get access to your favorite movies.

Additionally must remember that there are no hidden charges that you need to pay while using this platform. Hence do not get trapped in any sort of fake content site.

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