Nova Launcher Prime Apk Download v6.2.9 Latest Version March 2020

What is Nova Launcher Prime Apk?

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

From the current scenario, we can see that everyone is begun using SmartPhones to make use of the applications and perform the things better.

However, nowadays, most people are tired of utilizing Android smartphones that have mainly come up with the stock UI that is supposedly the default one. Today In this post We are going to talk about Nova Launcher Prime Apk for free download on your Android Device.

For your information, it’s essential to know the Android apparatus has usually arrived with the simple stock OS. One must know that the inventory OS is said to be not customizable. This item will literally make your Android device boring whilst using it anytime.

To sort this out Problem, we can discover a lot of programs are available across the internet to generate use of it. But at the end of the day, it is vital to keep it in mind is whether the application meets your expectations or not.

In this case, it is essential for you to discover the respective application called Nova Launcher Prime Apk at any moment. With the support of this application, an individual can quickly make it easy to customize the apparatus and deliver a lot of tweaks in accordance with the convenience.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Download Latest Version March 2020

For customization your Android Device Download the Latest Nova Launcher Prime Apk by Clicking on Download Button. After Downloading follow the given steps for Install Nova Launcher Prime Apk for free On Android.

Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Application NameNova Launcher Prime Apk
Size7.5 MB
Root RequiredNo
Android Required4.0+ Android
Last Updated28 March 2020

Features Of Nova Launcher Prime Apk March 2020

Features Of Nova Launcher Prime Apk

People who are searching With this application to download and install on your device, it is vital that you check out a few of the exciting capabilities.

Here we’re going to have a discussion about the attributes to your future reference. One ought to keep it in mind; if the program is installed on your own Android device, then it is possible to experience more attributes than expected.

Subgrid placement

The program is a lot greater than the standard launchers. For your information, hence the Nova launcher Prime APK enables the user to snap on the icons or widgets throughout the grid cells of a desktop computer at any moment.

Fast performance

This application is mainly optimized to operate quickly than anticipated and it retains the animations gently and allows the user to use their apparatus fast in which you can move your fingers without any hassles. Nova Launcher Prime Apk has a very amazing and Smooth Interface So, that’s why you will get Amazing Speed.


It’s the options That will help pinch, swipe, double tap and more on the accessible home screen in terms of opening the preferred applications with no miss. Thus, people that want to install this application at which it is possible to use it.

Hiding applications

You can get a clean App drawer; it will help to hide the never used applications at any time. Thus, people who all are thinking that the number of applications on your home screen annoying you have to be hidden can make use of this attribute.

For your information, You don’t need to rebuild the desktop from scratch. Thus the Niva Launcher may be imported in the very popular launchers which also containing the one entails in your device.

One should be aware that This program is come up with the characteristic of ad-free. Thus the no ads are primarily utilized in the launcher panel. Generally, most of the launcher programs are utilizing annoying advertisements to appear. However, in regard to this application, you don’t find any annoying ads on your screen while working on it.

Safe & Secure

So the Nova Launcher Prime Apk is regarded as the high functionality optimized android launcher program which will help to perform its job with no hassles. An individual must understand this program can also be absolutely 100% safe and secure when it comes to accessibility.

Color controls

Thus the color Control feature is going to be used for tags, folders, drawer tabs, wallpapers, and unread badges. It will be helpful for the seekers that are looking for this feature for quite a very long moment.

These are some of those Exciting features where you can make use of it once the setup is done on your android device. However, as we mentioned earlier that you can experience more features than said here.

Some Key Features Of Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Nova Launcher Prime Key Features

Here is the Premium Version of this program, which lets you use all the features that are locked from the Free version. This app has obtained over 100 million downloads and millions of 5-star testimonials on the Play Store.

It’s sufficient to find it one of the best launchers that you ought to use when you want to personalize the look of the gadget. Nova Launcher is a great Launcher for this.

Besides being compatible with several devices, it is actually easy to use and brings many exciting features you will not find on additional launchers. Listed below are its some key features:

Quick, Safe & Secure

The Majority of the users Want to obtain a quick, smooth and safe launcher; Nova Launcher is such a launcher. As soon as you install and apply Nova Launcher as the default launcher, you may experience one of the fastest and stablest launchers, easy swiping, dragging or tapping.

Nova Launcher is also completely secure, does not include the damaging code or crap applications that are bad for your device.

A wealth of icons and themes

A Lot of People adore Locating and applying the icon pack to make the mobile port more charming. If you are utilizing Stock Launcher, this will be limited.

Some developers also offer you exclusive themes and icon packs due to their devices, however, these icon packs are usually heavy and don’t have abundant choices.

Together with Nova Launcher, it is simpler to access and download countless topics and icon packs around the App Store. If you use the icon package downloaded from Play Store, they’ll also be compatible with Nova Launcher. Customizing the interface on Android is fun and simple with Nova Launcher.

Say goodbye to the ads

Nova Launcher Prime has eliminated The ads, bringing the tiniest and most comfortable experience for your consumer. I have used a great deal of different Android launchers.

A number of them are great. However, there are a number of nasty things to perform, like advertisements. The ads in launchers look in several ways.

On occasion, it’s just a popup or banner appearing randomly when you unlock your phone. Additionally, others are extremely annoying since they force users to install games or advertisements advertised.

Nova Launcher Prime is different, which is completely non-ads. You will not find any ads during your using time. Everything is smooth and comfy. That is among the reasons why it’s popular.

Extra Features In Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Extra Features in Nova Launcher Prime Apk

There are a Whole Lot of Interesting, unique features that you can discover from Nova Launcher. In addition to the fundamental features of a mobile launcher, in Prime variant, this program provides some other unique features we recorded below:

  • Gestures: Insert Gestures to swiftly execute predefined actions. You are able to swipe, tap or double-tap on your screen to start your favorite apps.
  • Hide Programs: Many Android apparatus were installed applications from developers, in the beginning, the majority of them are surpassing. At this time, you can hide software that you do not use or those that are sensitive.
  • Icon Swipes: Add actions when swiping an application
  • Unread Counts: This feature allows you to count the number of unread notifications, support for quick checks and more program information
  • More Scroll Effects: Add proprietary effects when you scroll in Draw Apps
  • Custom Drawer Groups: Easily customize Drawer Groups by creating folders on the Shop program

If you are using Nova Launcher and need to experience advanced features, don’t hesitate to Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk Latest Version that I have given you in the post.

What’s New in Nova Launcher Prime Apk Version

New features In Nova Launcher Prime Apk

  1. Get thousands of icon themes for Nova Launcher on the Play Store
  2. Control than ordinary launchers, Nova Launcher lets you snap widgets or icons halfway through the background grid cells
  3. Color controls – for tags,
  4. Customize Program Drawer – Custom tabs, Vertical or Vertical scrolling, Custom effects
  5. Improved Widget Drawer – Widgets Grouped by app makes it a lot quicker to use
  6. Infinite scroll – Never much from Your favorite webpage, loop via the desktop or drawer continuously
  7. Backup/restore system allowing you to backup your desktop design and launcher settings
  8. Scrollable Dock – Produce multiple docks and scroll between them
  9. Widget in your dock, like a 4×1 audio player widget
  10. Rebuild your desktop computer from scratch, Nova Launcher may import from most well-known launchers. Adding the one which came with your phone.
  11. Quick – Nova Launcher Is optimized to perform it is work quickly and gently, keeping the cartoons smooth and letting you use your phone as fast as you can move your fingers.
    Unlock the following extras by purchasing Nova Launcher Prime
  12. Double-tap and more on the home screen to start your favorite programs
  13. message.
  14. Custom Drawer Groups – Create new Folders or tabs from the app drawer
  15. Hide Apps – Maintain a clean Program drawer by hiding never used apps
  16. Actions for swiping on app folders or shortcuts
  17. More scroll effects – Like Wipe, Accordion, and Throw

Nova Launcher Prime Compatible With All devices?

Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime is a lightweight, smooth application that is compatible with the majority of Android devices. You can set up Nova Launcher Prime Apk into a system that has a weak configuration, it can still work easily, which not many Launcher can do that.

Needless to say, to install Nova Launcher, your device should still ensure the required configuration of this program with 1Gb Ram, Android 4.0 or greater and 20M of free memory card.

After reviewing these Above features, we suggest that you are all set to install this program on your own Android apparatus. To start with, your device must run at least Android 4.0 and 1Gb RAM.

Ensuring the required configuration makes the application smoother and more stable. Here are the directions on how to download and set up Nova Launcher Prime.

Tesla Unread Plugin Setup

Step:1 – Unread APK plugin that’s contained below in a package.

Step:2 – Ensure that you have removed the old variant of this Tesla Unread program.

Step:3 – Install Tesla Unread App Like any other ordinary application.

Step:4-  Open Nova Launcher setting to empower Notification Dots.

Nova Launcher Changelog

  • Optimized menu of setting and added a more setting alternative for play around.
  • I have added a search function to your quicker app search.
  • Support for new custom shapes like square, Round square, Squircle, Teardrop, etc.)
  • Option to automatically match the folder icon dimensions.
  • New window cartoon folders. Like android N.
  • The program drawer styled like a desktop.
  • The search bar onto the Launcher will switch to Google as well as Nova automagically option.
  • Insert horizontal or vertical scrolling for app drawer.
  • It’s possible to resize the Icon form for your own needs.

How to install and download Nova Launcher Prime Apk for Windows PC

Download And Install Nova Launcher Prime Apk On Windows

Most of us know that The Nova launcher Prime APK can help replace the house screen filled with customizing support at any time. So you can easily customize your Android Device Anytime easily.

As a result, one can experience designs, changing icons, animations and more. On the opposing side, the majority of the folks are looking forward to experiencing the broader display stuff.

For instance, rather than go through the stuff from the Android device, they’ll be hoping to experience the things on the wider display like PC. Here, you are able to personalize the device’s home screen on your computer at any time.

Before getting into the downloading procedure of the program, one cannot anticipate this program directly on their PC at any time. To make it feasible, it’s essential for you to follow one of these vital procedures.

Once it’s followed, then you can proceed further to finish the installation process and start to access it on your PC without any hassles.

Android emulator: If You’re the One who is looking forward to downloading and install this application on your PC at any time, then this could be the perfect time to use it.

For your information, when it comes to installing this amazing program on your computer, then it is essential for you to access the emulator on your PC. Thus the Android emulator is mainly thought to be the emulator which will help to run Android programs on your PC.

Individuals who all are Fighting to find the right method to install android software in their PC for a long time, and then this might be the best selection for you.

For your information, you can find many emulators that are available on the market to download. You may find emulators like BlueStacks, Nox participant and more.

In accordance with your convenience, it is possible to install it on your computer and begin to get into the android emulators without any hassles.

Download and setup

If you are looking forward to installing this application on your PC for quite a while, then this may be the ideal path to generate use of it. Be certain that you follow all the actions mentioned here without overlooking it.

Hope it will be helpful for all of the seekers. Here we are issuing the primary steps to follow and finish the installation procedure for the program on your PC at any time.

Steps to follow

  • First of all, you need to search for the various emulator to download and install on your computer. As an example, you can choose the best emulator named BlueStacks in your PC anytime without any hassles.
  • Before entering the setup process of this emulator on your computer, make certain to check out if the PC has enough memory to install or not.
  • Now, search for the various emulator link and click on to download it.
  • It’s essential that you wait for a few minutes until the entire downloading process is done on your PC.
  • After the downloading process is finished, you have to look for the downloaded file and tap to install it on your PC.
  • Now, again wait for a few seconds before the installation procedure is completed.
  • Last, you’re now ready to get this wonderful application to personalize the home screen depending on your convenience on your computer.

These are the main steps that you need to follow without missing it and complete the installation process on your PC at any time.

How To Install Nova Launcher Prime Apk on Mac PC?

Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk On Mac

Apart from using the Windows PC or Android device, most of the people are also displaying an alternate installation process on Mac. Generally, most of them are excited about installing Android applications in regards to installing on Mac.

If you’re the one who is excited about installing this wonderful application on your Mac, then you may follow the below procedure. When it comes to installing this program on your Mac, then you might also follow the identical procedure that was followed for Windows PC.

For your information, It is essential that you install an emulator on your own Mac PC. As an example, you can get an emulator like Nox participant and much more.

By just installing the emulator on your Mac PC, then you can proceed further to conduct the Android software on your PC without any hassles. If you’re the one who’s looking to install this program on your Mac PC for quite a while, then you want to follow the below steps cited here.

Steps to follow

  • Firstly, you need to search for the emulator such as Nova Launcher Prime Apk to install and download by seeing the sources that are trusted.
  • When the emulator is found on-site, make sure you click the link and await the downloading procedure as it takes a huge moment.
  • Now, it is crucial that you check your Mac PC if it’s enough storage memory space.
  • After the downloading process is finished, you need to search for the downloaded file of the emulator and tap to install then wait for several minutes to have installed.
  • Once it is available, you can click to download and install it.
  • At last, you’re now ready to get this wonderful application in your Mac PC with no hassles.

These are the main steps which you need to follow when it comes to installing the application on Mac PC anytime

(FAQ) – People Also Ask

How do I find hidden apps in Nova launcher?

It is possible to see your hidden programs. Moving to settings. Then apps and drawer choices. Finally, Uncheck the program You’ve Hid

What’s TeslaUnread for Nova Launcher?

As above mentioned. Teslaunread is just another app for a number of badges to the nova launcher app. That is developed by the nova launcher TeslaCoil Software company itself.

The program tries to accumulate the number of unofficial APIs. To get the unread telling counts in different apps available on your android device.

What’s the tesla bookmarking program?

TeslaUnread is another app for the notification badges of nova launcher

Do launchers slow down your mobile phone?

No, they don’t slow down your android phones. And it actually depends upon the hardware on your device.


In this post, we have talked about Latest Nova Launcher Prime Apk, Which is a very amazing app and you can customize your phone homepage and themes.

So hope you understand all the features of Nova Launcher Prime Apk. If you like it don’t forget to share with your friends and use your phone in an amazing mode.

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